Are You Attracting and Retaining the Best Physicians?
In the current environment of healthcare reform, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to view physician employment and practice acquisition from a strategic rather than an opportunistic perspective. Read More
Employment & Acquisition, Physician Hospital Alignment
Working together or falling apart?
The healthcare delivery system is being injected with increasing doses of provider accountability. Hospitals, health systems, and physicians will soon find themselves sharing their financial destinies. How do physicians and hospitals align their interests and efforts to succeed in an era of value-based purchasing? Read More
Clinical Co-Management, Clinical Integration and Accountable Care Organizations
Are you ready for Accountable Care?
The healthcare industry has experienced a seismic event. The competitive bedrock is still shifting. How do you find sure footing as you begin down the path to accountable care? Read More
Clinical Co-Management, Joint Venture Development, Employment & Acquisition


Employment & Acquisition, Joint Venture Development, Clinical Co-Management

For over 18 years, Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) has been providing business advisory services to hospitals, health systems, and physician entities throughout the United States. HCS’s experienced healthcare consultants help our clients to address their most pressing financial, operational, strategic issues with the ultimate goal of helping them to achieve sustainable, long-term growth. Read More



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